(Photographer / Video Producer)
I’ve been providing multi-media services around the U.S. for 20 years. With my various skills, I don’t have to pay other staff like my competition, who charge much higher rates.
I customize my clients’ projects to fit their unique style. Working with me is hassle-free. All you need to do is prepare your food and tell me what is special about your business.
I’m not just a photographer & video producer.  I’m a stylist that will create very appealing settings around your food – to make the visual experience even more delicious and enticing.
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[ Photography and visual styling by: Tripp ]


I scripted, produced, directed, filmed, edited & did the voice-over for this.

I produced, directed, filmed, edited and did the voice-over for this project.

I produced, directed, filmed, edited & wrote the background music for this.


Food Photography and Staff Portraits

Each client project is always different. To give you a full quote on food photography or staff portraits for your restaurant – I need to know more about your needs, your restaurant, how many meals (and staff) you want to display in photos, how long it will take you to prepare the food I will be shooting and your location in Utah or California.

Restaurant Promotional Video Production

In order to give you a quote on producing a promotional video for your restaurant, I need to know the same details as described above for food photography. I will then help you prepare a script outline so we can include all the necessary components that will help us showcase your restaurant and food in the video we create.


Multi-Production Discounts: I give discounts for those who wish to hire me for multiple services (combining more than one of my services as a package).



To ensure we both make the most of each others time, please use the mail form in this section to send me your details. The more specific you are in outlining your needs, the more I will be able to provide you a proper estimate of fees when we meet for our initial discussions.



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